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Global Warming
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Global Warming Pros and Cons

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Oil Power Generation

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Global Warming Pros And Cons – Global Warming or Global Cooling?

Global Warming Pros And Cons
Global Warming or Global Cooling?

There are many different Global Warming pros and cons and in order to really dive right into this topic; let’s start this out right and first clearly define what our first question is and that is what’s happening to our atmosphere:

Global Warming or Global Cooling?

Global Warming Pros and Cons
First and foremost it is important to understand here that while the Global Warming cons may seem obvious; there are without a doubt certain pros to consider. Sounds funny I know, but you have to first put yourself into the correct perspective to understand the point being made here. We are going to approach this topic from both the perspective of mankind as well as Mother Nature herself and try to determine if global warming or Global Cooling 2011 is a legitimate concern.

Please Note:As we have said, there is no scientific consensuses to any of this really. Some worry about the earth heating up and others worry we are all going to freeze to death, but both sides do agree on some aspects related to Mother Nature’s natural role in maintaining our fragile environment. It is a very thin line that she walks and at least most scientists agree upon certain facts relating to our ecosystem and the so called “fundamentals” of life.

A quick Green Fact for you before we start in on the Global Warming pros and cons is that there has been at least one, probably more, but at least one, Massive Volcanic Eruption that actually released more Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere in one completely natural and normal eruption than the entire history of mankind’s industrial period and counting!

As the climate change controversy is a very important issue; it might be better received and more understood by everyday people if there was more of a conclusive agreement among our leading scientific community. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that with about a century of manmade pollutants there is bound to be some environmental side effects resulting in the endangering of our soil’s richness, natural water sources and even our atmosphere.

In an effort to counter the many different Global Warming cons experts are working hard in every sector from all around the globe on advancing technologies to make modern day industries more “Green” and “Eco-friendly”. They are making great strides in reducing, reversing and eliminating pollutant toxins by finding more environmentally friendly power sources (see our Alternative Energy Sources List); which are coming to market and being put into practice as we speak.

Global Cooling 2011?

Scientists are known for basing their theories on facts and if the facts are not producing a conclusive theory within the scientific community itself; then it might be fair for the common person to conclude that the ideas of climate global warming or global cooling are not, as of now, a factual reality. That makes most people believe that at least for the time being there is no Global Cooling 2011 concern to worry about.

Global Warming Pros and Cons
Additionally; most of those who are for either type of climate change believe they are happening as a direct result from man-made pollutants, toxins and non-environmentally conscious behavior. On the flip side the many scientists who disagree with these theories not only strongly disagree for their own reasoning and collection of facts, but they are actually being personally and professionally targeted for their beliefs from the other side.

The Global Warming pros and cons debate has led to unethical actions at the highest levels. In recent headline news; many have claimed to not only have been ostracized by the scientific community for publicly disagreeing with the theories of significant manmade climate change, but have also been discredited, harassed and threatened by those of high political, progressive and liberal backgrounds.

Back To The Point

Global Warming Pros And Cons

There are a variety of arguments for both sides of the Global Warming pros and cons debate. For the most part the Global Warming cons deal with both our planet warming and cooling in specific reaction to mankind’s negative effect on the environment through the burning of fossil fuels and other non-environmentally friendly activities and habits.

Any act that releases a form of toxin into the environment would be covered under their argument; including everything from the burning of gas in our cars to the “gas” released from our ever-growing population of cows. That’s right, even cows seem to be contributing to climate change!

On the other side of the argument, the Global Warming or Global Cooling 2011 pros side, people would say that climate change itself is completely natural and actually part of Earth’s natural evolution process. The pros of Global Warming would consist of arguments saying that Earth has been going through climate change since day one. From the very first day that earth was forged together from rock and energy in space; some would argue was the original climate of our planet. In that light; they would be correct that Earth’s climate has significantly changed over the millennia.

Green Sense Talk

Earth is some bunch of billion years old and through that course of time our atmosphere has gone from hot periods to cold periods multiple times. That we all agree on and is fact. Our oceans have covered and uncovered vast sections of land over time and that is all part of the continuous climate change that Earth has endured.

Earth herself has spawned all sorts of different forms of life; including dinosaurs. Scientists believe that back in the day of dinosaurs the oxygen level on Earth was at a much higher concentrate than it is today. They actually attribute the incredible size of the dinosaurs to this consensus of a different climate back then. That in itself pretty much tells us that Global Cooling 2011 is not of any significant concern; for any real cooling period on Earth would most likely happen over the course of many hundred years.

So as you can see; the main question here shouldn’t really be: Is global warming or global cooling happening, because it is; but rather we should be asking: Are mankind’s everyday actions affecting Earth’s natural climate change system on any measurable scale?

Global Warming Pros

We have already determined the basic differences between the Global Warming Pros and cons; so now let’s first jump into the ideology behind the pros and then we will cover the idea behind the Global Warming cons. Then at the end we will pose the questions again.

Global Warming Pros and Cons
In order to fully grasp the pros of climate change, one only needs to put themselves in the shoes of Mother Nature herself. Let’s pretend that she is real and that she has a consciousness. Not a consciousness like we have, but rather a genetic type consciousness that works over the course of vast amounts of time to actually reach her own set of goals. Imagine she does this through a form of evolution.

I know this sounds crazy, but what if Earth does actually have a say in how our environment and the species within it evolve and what if that “say” comes in the form of life’s base genetic code? Could she be manipulating the construction of life itself in an effort to reach her own ultimate goals?

While this may seem farfetched and way out there, we came up with this theory to imaginarily illustrate the basic concept behind the argument that climate change is completely normal. In fact this theory would have one believe that climate change, global warming or global cooling, is good and part of life at the most fundamental level. There truly are countless Global Warming Pros and cons so we just want to stretch your imagination to really put yourself in the perception of the other side. Enjoy the imaginative adventure depicted below :)

So what would Mother Nature’s goals even be if she had some? Would she laugh at the idea of Global Warming cons and the idea of man being concerned with Global Cooling 2011? Well that’s where a bit of history and social science comes into play. Some believe in man’s evolution and some don’t, but either way is indifferent because evolution is pretty solid with the facts and evidence we have obtained thus far. That does not mean there is no God; in fact it could in some cases reinforce the existence of a God. That’s getting off track though so back to the question:

What Would Mother Nature’s Goals Be If She Had Some?

The first potential goal that Earth may have is to create a species that can physically withstand the constant climate changes, global warming or global cooling, that are simply unavoidable due to the harness of physical reality and the effects that outer space “events” have on our little blue ball. Mother Nature’s answer to this problem could very well be the Human brain.

In creating such an advanced and complex organic matrix (The Human Brain); Mother Nature essentially left it up to us to figure out the basics of reality and survival. She gave us the ability to contemplate and communicate in an effort to get us to realize the scientific potential of reality and translate that knowledge to others.

Global Warming Pros and Cons
When thinking about the Global Warming Pros and cons in this light; might it be feasible to think that maybe Mother Nature uses climate change as a means of testing us to see how her “experiment” is going? Maybe climate change is fundamentally needed in order for her to accurately determine what improvements need to be made in our genetic code over time.

Another potential goal of Mother Nature might simply be the very basic thing that drives our own being; Self Preservation. There is no stronger urge between all forms of life that we know of. The only other comparable self evident things might be the urge of reproduction, or the urge to be free or even the belief in a greater reason of being, God! These are self evident truths that we as a species embrace in one form or another.

So why might Mother Nature be concerned about her own self preservation? Well you would fall out of your chair if you knew the reality of the constant danger Earth herself is in. From rouge asteroids and comets to solar flares and dying stars; from collisions with other galaxies to contact with other species; and from super nova’s to black holes, there is truly too many different reasons for Earth to be concerned over her own safety and well being.

Maybe that’s why we are here. Maybe that’s the reason for life. Maybe, just maybe Earth created us to eventually evolve to the point where we could all unite in an effort to actually steer our galaxy through space avoiding collisions and spreading our being, or communicating, with other forms of life from other places in the universe; essentially spreading peace and prosperity across all plains of existence.

That brings us to Mother Nature’s prime directive and essentially the main reason for believing that climate change, global warming or global cooling, is in fact a pro and not a con of reality; in this twisted play of events anyway. Maybe her main goal is in fact as simple as peace. Maybe she does all she does in an effort to get man to unite with common goals and interests because she knows that peace is the ultimate challenge.

Some may believe that the ideas of Global Cooling 2011 and Global Warming cons are just irrelevant because no one race will ever have the ability to venture into such an endeavor of ultimate self preservation without either uniting with other races, or in consequence; conquering all races and utilizing their resources and man power by force! The concept here is solid; although our imagination may just be crazy!

Maybe Earth herself is working as hard as she can through genetic manipulation and God Knows how else to create a species that instead of worrying about the Global Warming Pros and cons; simply ends up achieving the following:

  • Physically brave the harsh climate change on our own planet,
  • Physically brave the absolute harness of space and other physical realities,
  • Intellectually master science to such a degree that we could actually protect our galaxy from all sorts of potential natural disasters; occurring both here in our world and in the world of the unknown – space!
  • Socially accept that we are all one species and being such need to unite and work together in a global union of collective races.

Hey who knows; maybe the United States of America is actually a product of Mother Nature. Maybe she is driving the basic desire of Freedom in man and knew she needed to create a wide open land of morality and ethics for Freedom to grow flourish. Maybe she concluded from past “experiments” that the solution to creating a species that can ultimately protect her is no different than the solution to braving climate change; hence the creation of such a versatile social structure that is America.

Think about it for a second and put aside the Global Warming Pros and cons. Mother Nature creates an intelligent species to realize it needs to achieve and maintain certain levels of technological progress in order to survive Earth’s ever-changing environment; then she applies the same ideology to the actual social structure of that species.

Some might say that is America’s absolute best attribute; her ability to constantly change through democratic governess. If this country was able to endure the ultimate test of time, then it is perfectly feasible to conclude that in one Era America could be a Capitalistic country driven by monetary greed and in another a socialistic nation driven by social welfare and who knows; maybe in another a communistic country driven by the idea that the progress of the people outweighs the needs/desires of the few.

Ultimately her most challenging goal may actually be to unite all inhabitants of her great green land in peace without them killing one another. Who knows, but by now you get the idea of why many people believe that climate change itself is something that actually happens completely naturally and on such massive scales that no matter what we as a species do, we could never really hold a candle to Mother Nature’s and her will!

Global Warming Pros and Cons

Global Warming Cons

Now that we have stretched your imagination to the absolute; let’s look at the ideology behind the other side of the global warming pros and cons argument. The very idea of there being Global Warming cons is a very valid concept. For if everything we just said is hocus pocus; then yeah we should be concerned and trying our hardest to stop or at least drastically minimize our species effect on our environment.

The main point stemming from those who believe that we are in fact considerably altering our planets natural ‘evolution” comes in the simplistic idea that we only get one shot here. One planet, one chance! Instead of looking at the problem from the angle of global warming or global cooling 2011; let’s say they are in fact one in the same and are a result of toxification within our environment; both natural and manmade.

The following 2 points are the main things that considerably concern those who believe that mankind is having a considerable impact on climate change:

The burning of fossil fuels 

This includes everything from gas and oil in our cars to coal and natural gas powering our power plants. The main point that people make here is that we do not even need to be burning fossil fuels anymore and we are just causing more damage to our ozone layer for no legitimate al reason.

Mass agriculture 

This point mostly magnifies the idea of mankind being so inclined to “grow” large farming areas that contain significant amounts of animals in considerably small locations. This stems from recent scientific consensuses that even manure produces significant amounts of toxicity in our environment. The more animals you have in one location; the more that one area of our ozone is affected by these pollutants.

As you can probably see; the concern is not so much based around global warming or global cooling 2011, but rather our continued contribution to toxins in our environment when it is not entirely necessary to be doing things as we currently do them.

Here are two solutions that we came up with that those concerned about Global Warming cons would love to get onboard with:

Energy Generation

Those who are concerned about the idea of manmade climate change are considerably concerned with the burning of fossil fuels and the effect it has on our environment. A green sense solution here would be to really implement a variety of the different energy options outlined in our alternative energy sources list. We are so incredibly smart as a species that we have figured out how to harness energy from our sun, our planets core and even the very waves that smash against our shorelines every day and yet we simply have yet to implement these new technologies on any real massive and measurable scale. Why?

Mass Agriculture

The other main concern that those who are on the cons side of global warming pros and cons is our large agricultural sector. From the ever-growing population of mankind to the ever-growing population of cows, pigs and chickens to keep us nourished and healthy; mankind is progressively growing and so is the amount of “poop” that goes into our atmosphere. The green solution here is actually pretty simple and plays off of the 1st issue and that is let’s start using our combined “poop” as Biomass Energy Generation. This would not solve the problem of burning fossil fuels, because poop is essentially a fossil fuel, but it would put all of this stuff that is just sitting in piles evaporating into our atmosphere to good use.

Global Warming or Global Cooling?

Now we are back to the original questions we posed at the beginning of this article. Please put forth your thoughts on our thoughts and maybe even your own perspective to these very real points and concerns:

  1. The first question was, Global Warming or Global Cooling?
  2. The second question was, what are the Global Warming pros and cons?
  3. The third question was, should we be concerned about Global Cooling 2011?
  4. The fourth question was, are mankind’s everyday actions affecting Earth’s natural climate change system on any measurable scale?
  5. The fifth and funniest question was, what would Mother Nature’s goals be if she had some?
So what side of the global warming pros and cons argument are you on? Do you believe that we should be concerned about Global Cooling 2011? Can you think of some additional Global Warming cons that we missed? Please feel free to share your thoughts below in the form of a comment because we want to hear the thoughts of our readers on this matter. With such controversy and general confusion in the scientific community; it is our job as the people to debate, argue and ultimately conclude the issue based on a logical approach and come up with a green sense common sense solution that we can all agree on.

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